Over the past decade the levels of population growth in Tanzania and the region has increased. In Tanzania the population growth rate increased from around 27 Mln in 2000 to 43 Mln in 2013 and it is estimated to double by 2030. The overall projections are that over 60% this population will be comprised of young people. Also significantly over 30-40% this population will be unemployed and living below the poverty- line. 

These projections therefore call for radical policy measures which will promote resource mobilisation, improved social service delivery, entrepreneurship and investment to create jobs to absorb this population. Currently investment as percentage of proportion of GDP remains at 12% which is low by African standards. As Tanzania stands at the brink of the Millennium it is imperative to encourage more robust private sector investment. Mobilising citizens and private to participate and influence government policy decisions and process is core to achieving these targets

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