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About Governance and Economic Policy Centre

We are an independent entity and consultancy knowledge hub of people interested in development, working to promote good governance norms, expanding knowledge, influencing practices of citizens, private sector and government in areas of governance, extractive sector governance, tax and development, international trade and investment, diplomacy and regional cooperation, peace and stability.

our vision

We are a community of practioners envisioning a knowledgable and economically prosperous society characterised with a culture of good governance espoused by progressive practices, fair and equitable taxes, accountable use of extractive resources wealth, robust regional trade , peace and vibrant civil actors working together with private sector and government to promote development and poverty eradication.

our mission

Our mission is to facilitate knowledge transfer , promote citizens and private sector engagement in good governance, extractive sector governance, Tax Justice , trade and regional cooperation as conduits to development.

We engage in analysis , knowledge generation and creating opportunities for discussion and influence of the governance, extractive sector management, taxation, trade, investment, peace and stability, , diplomacy and regional economic development discourse. We will engage in social enterpenuership to support our work and self sustainability and encourage phillanthropy for a good cause



our strategy

Our strategy is to work through creative means with strategic partners and a community of practitioners to deliver on our ultimate ambition of contributing towards a knwolegable and economically prosperous and fair society and nations enjoying reduced poverty.

We will achieve this through implementation of strategic interventions which generate and transfer knowledge, empower citizens, civil society , private sector, government and policy makers.

Our knowledge hub is a vital engine for this where we encourage experts to join us and share their knowledge and expertise with  a wider audience through our platforms such as the training academies  and the flagship Governance and Economic tracker bulletins.

Our Change theory is premised on our understanding that if knowledge is generated and shared, then the confidence of citizens and institutions will be built to  engage in meaningful discourse and self reflection for change on matters good governance, tax justice, good extractive resource wealth management, increased economic opportunities, international trade and regional cooperation, diplomacy, peace and stability. 

This is because linking knowledge and constituency bridges gaps, creates room for change in behaviours and practices amongst people, state and non state actors.

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