about us
about us

Governance and Economic Policy Centre (GEPC) is an independent entity and consultancy hub of people interested in development, facilitating and addressing progress towards sustainable economic policies and good governance

We work to  promote good governance norms ,expanding knowledge and influencing  practices of people and governments for equitable development.

We are a community of agile practitioners and change makers with extensive working experience in Civil Society, Private Sector and Government.

Have interest  and expertise in governance,  extractive governance, economic policy analysis and advocacy, tax and development, International trade and investment, law and banking, diplomacy and regional cooperation, peace and stability, project management and development. 

We are driven by a motivation to bridge the existing gap between knowledge and practice,  leveraging  our work and expertise to influence discourse and change for the better

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Inspired by faith, we envision a society where every governance and policy choice and action matters.

And, envision ourselves as a knowledge hub and leader in governance and policy intellectual discourse, influencing debate and practices in the areas we work.

We ultimately want to see a knowledgeable and economically prosperous society, where a culture of good governance is espoused by progressive practices, accountable use of extractive resources wealth,  fair and equitable use of taxes, robust regional cooperation, trade and investment, peace and stability, vibrant civil actors working together with private sector and government to promote development and poverty eradication.



Our mission is to facilitate knowledge transfer , promote citizens and private sector engagement in good governance, extractive sector governance, Tax Justice , international trade, investement, peace and regional cooperation as conduits to development.

We engage in analysis , knowledge generation and creating opportunities for discussion and influence of the governance, extractive sector management, taxation, trade, investment, peace and stability, and regional economic development discourse.

We engage in social enterpenuership to support our work and self sustainability. We encourage philanthropy and giving for a good cause.

How we chase this mission

We work with experts, CSO, Communities and institutions to influence government’s commitment to good governance standards espousing fair taxation, sound extractive sector management, peace and stability facilitative investment environment, robust regional cooperation and progressive policies for poverty eradication.

We pursue this mission through independent research, advocacy, monitoring and constructive engagement and sharing our knowledge through our various platforms such as our training clinics, analytical publications,  website and the flagship regular Governance and Economic tracker bulletins sent out to our thousands of online subscribers.  Our activities are broadly; 

Research, consultancy and knowledge generation
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Advocacy and Citizen engagement
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Networking and alliance building
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We work at national and international level. We are a member of national and international networks engaged in governance and policy discourse in Tanzania and a member of the Global Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Association.

Our members as community of practioners and experts in various capacities are regular contributors in shaping the governance, extractive governance, international trade, taxation, diplomacy, peace and economic policy   discourse in Tanzania. You can join our team by sending us an email. You can read more about us via: gepc.or.tz or its partners such as Hakirasilimali via hakirasilimali.or.tz

about us

Our Core Values

We are guided by a set of core values which inform how our staff, members of the board and associates operate in their work and relation with our stake holders, clients and partners. These values are:


We will stay above any partisan or political interests and adhere to objectivity in our work and relationship with others. The nonpartisan spirit will be reflected in all our engagement, information and products that we provide.


We will be committed to honesty, trustworthy and adherence to ethical principles of good conduct. GEPC will maintain a zero tolerance on corruption or any forms of unethical conduct in our internal and external work and relations with others.


We will be professional in approaching all our work and handling or relating with our clients, partners and others whom we work with, work for or interact with. We will seek and demonstrate high level of competence on the issues that we handle

Resourcefulness and Self learning:

We will strive to be resourceful to our constituency and constantly pursue new frontiers of knowledge on issues that we handle. We will be a self-learning organisation from our own work and the work of or with others. As a practice we will create opportunities for self-reflection and learning


We will be committed to building accountability mechanisms within the organisation. We will be accountable to our stakeholders, development partners and commitment to providing information in regards to our operations and being accountable for our work. We will also constantly seek accountability from other stakeholders and duty bearers.